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Who We Are

The Tamil word Bhagya translates literally to mean "blessed" but it's underlying meaning denotes "another chance".

Bhagya Trust is an India-based non-profit organization dedicated to help young girls in Bangalore's slums gain another chance to overcome the challenges of poverty and crime by providing them with education, health care and a sense of belonging.

What We Do


Bhagya started out as a sewing centre with 10 sewing machines in 2004.   Since then, based on suggestions from our girls that learning to speak English and to use a computer would give them strong skills in the job market, Bhagya evolved its focus to include computer training and spoken English for girls who have dropped out of school.  We evolved yet again in 2013 to add Bhagya Home - a safe and loving home for orphan girls under 10.  


Now in its 7th year of operation, Bhagya has 2 core focus areas - Bhagya Home and Bhagya Education (computer training and some sewing).  Each year Bhagya helps over 30 girls get a head start on a new future!


How We Work


Our Vision: is to create and sustain a cycle of hope, can-do spirit and long-term prosperity for young girls from India’s slums


Our work is governed by these core values:


  • Every individual deserves an opportunity to forge her own path

  • To whom much is given much will be expected

  • Self sufficiency is a critical cornerstone for empowerment


Bhagya works closely with local social workers to identify orphan girls or those with a single parent unable to care for them. We look to encourage, educate and empower these girls so they can rise above their circumstances and build a brighter future.

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