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The city of Bangalore, India’s 3rd largest city, is by many accounts, Asia’s fastest growing metropolitan and increasingly wealthy.  But it is also home to some of the continent’s worst slums.  Children live in appalling conditions of poverty and crime, where a 70-square foot shanty houses as many as 6 families.  Most homes are located in low-lying areas which frequently see flooding during the monsoons.   There are no paved roads, no utilities or sewer connections and disease and crime are rampant.  At greatest risk of neglect and abuse are girls, even as young as 3 years.  Against these odds, girls have little chance at survival, let alone the pursuit of their dreams.


All too often a young girl who is orphaned or motherless is left with caretakers who have too few means and limited desire to take care of them.  Bhagya Home takes these girls in and provides shelter, nutritious food, healthcare and vaccinations, education at a good school and most of all a sense of home.  The girls live in the home with Bhagya founder Renuka, her sister Veronica and their mother Sita Bhagya (in whose honor 'Bhagya' has been named), all of whom play the role of mother, grandmother and caretakers for the girls.


This wing of Bhagya started in 2013 and currently has 6 girls.  Due to government restrictions, there is currently no path toward adoption for these girls and our goal is to work towards this.


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