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A very charming but frightened 2-year old came to us shorty after we started Bhagya Home.  She belonged to a gypsy community who traveled from place to place and her mother had just died while giving birth to another baby.  She was mostly unresponsive and didn’t show emotion - not a smile nor a cry and seemed like she’d been through some trauma.  The other girls at Bhagya Home welcomed her and quickly became little mothers to her, helping her learn to walk, talk and feel loved.  3 months later she started to smile!  She makes steady improvements each day and is getting ready to start school next year.


Jyothi’s life represents a very typical slum situation.  Abandoned by an alcoholic husband, Jyothi’s mother lived on the streets with her sister and younger brother, who eventually died of malnourishment.  When she first came to us, a big-eyed 6-year old cherub who cried silently, she had never know what a home was.  As we were not yet set up as Bhagya Home, we found her a girls’ hostel to live in and took care of her education and healthcare.  As the years passed, we felt the need to do more for her as well as other little girls like her.  While the hostel provided for basic needs, the girls also needed emotional support and counseling and most of all a sense of community and home.  And thus, the idea for Bhagya Home was born.  When we started the Home, Jyothi joined us as our first family member!  She is now a thriving 12-year old who attends a good school and dreams of becoming a doctor someday.

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